LIACS Awards

LIACS acknowledges CS professionals that have demonstrated excellence in our profession.  Nominations can be submitted by anyone and do not have to be members of IAHCSMM or LIACS.  Watch the LIACS website for the call for submissions.

Hall of Fame


2007: Larry Guittard


2005: Liz Kleppe


2004: Steve Agostanaccio


2003: Barbara Matuszak


2001: Phil McCann


1999: Flo McInnes

          Kathi O'Shaughnessy

          Retta Sengstock

Kathi O'Shaughnessy
Technician of the Year


2005: Charles Parseghian


2004: Ramani Thomas


1985: Kathi O'Shaughnessy

Vendor of the Year


2002: Dan Bracco


2000: Mike Withers


1985: Kathi O'Shaughnessy

LIACS Presidents


Larry Guittard: 2012-2014, 2009, 1997, 1994


Dan Bialt: 2010-11, 2006


Barbara Matuszak: 2008


Evelyn Baez: 2007


Melody Traversi: 2004-05


Don Gordon: 2000-03


Corrine VanNote: 1999


Cathy Seibert: 1998


Flo McInnes: 1996


Liz Kleppe: 1995


Patrick Kerr: 1985-93


Carol Reilly: 1984


Retta Sengstock: 1982-83


Beatrice McNally: 1980-81


Betty Jane Phillips: 1978-79


Emery Joseph: 1968-77


Helena Goldenberg: 1967

MVP Award


2013- Kevin Durnan


2012- Melody Traversi


2012- Melody Traversi


​2011- Melody Traversi


​2010- Melody Traversi


​2009- Melody Traversi

Liz Kleppe Award


The list of Liz Kleppe Award winners is being compiled.


If you know a winner, let us know so we give them the recognition they deserve.